Sunday, March 04, 2007

Driving into Greenville on Friday, I made it to Saint Mary Catholic Church 5 minutes before The Way of the Cross. Hey, at least I wasn't late. But there were no more books left. I know the song well enough, so it was okay. I just closed my eyes and listened to the parts I could not read aloud. It was delightful. I really like the Way of the Cross better than what we did at school. I took one of the books so I could do it by myself at school. Less.... hippie touchy feely. Pssshhhh...

I saw my parents and we went home. They told me they were going to Mepkin the next day to pick up Leo for his trial. What? Can I go? Pleeeaaasse???

I was so happy to go! I was dancing around the house: I get to see my brother!

I love him SO much! I miss him incredibly so. I never had a brother before, so to have him back is delightful (he was kind of gone, emotionally, physically. It complicated).

When we got there, my 'rents and I are walking up the path to one of the buildings and we see Leo walk out. He stops and looks at us. :-) He didn't know I was coming. I run up to him and he picks me up and hugs me!!! He carries me over to my Dad who hugs us both. It was so great to see him! I love my brother!

All the monks there were such great people. I missed breakfast on Sunday and after mass Br. Dismas made me breakfast.

D: How many eggs would you like and how would you like them cooked.
M: *Thinking...* 2 eggs... scrambled!
D: Yesss!

D: Would you like toast?
M: That would be delightful!
D: White or rye?
M: ...wwwhite.
D: How many peices?
M: Two?
D: Done!

He was so so nice and just got me everything. I couldn't help. He was so funny. Everytime you ask him to do something "Done!"

All the monks there were so nice! Fr. Kevin might be visiting BAC (my abbey!!!) soon. I hope that I can see him when he visits.

My brother has to leave Mepkin Abbey for complicated reasons, but I hope and pray that it is the Lord's will that he may return swiftly. We are his family, but they are his brothers. That is his home...


Anonymous said...

It's so delightful to see you happy to see Leo. :-)

Anonymous said...

So monks cook scrambled eggs where you go to school? Also, what do you eat your scrambled eggs with, salt, pepper, hot sauce, ketchup?

Older or younger brother?

Tokyo Pink said...

I like my eggs with salt and pepper. My dad likes them with ketchup. It's not too bad. Leo is older by almost 2 years.

Anonymous said...

I really don't like the taste of scrambled eggs very much, I'm always trying to cover them up with something. Sounds like you don't get to see your brother too often.

Tokyo Pink said...

Yeah, he lives in a cloistered monestary. But, I can see him when I visit the monestary (like the weekend after next! Yay!)