Friday, March 16, 2007

David Williams is out of town Friday. w00t! No class (not that I hate your class D. Williams!) Ann asked why he was out of town.

M: (in jest) He's visiting his 'girlfriend.' (In reference to that old amusing theory...)
A: I don't think he'd cancel class to see his girlfriend, though. It's not very prudent.
B: We'll maybe she's going away and he doesn't know when he's going to see her again.

We've decided her name is Helen. Helen is going to Antarctica on an expedition to explore the Tundra. So, it's really dangerous and she might die.

A: Maybe he's worried about the state of her soul, or his.

M: And he has to see her before she dies just in case they never see each other again...

So, what happens to dear Helen?
She is attacked by BiPolar Emperor Penguins.

A: They're very territorial.

M: They're the only penguins you can find at the north and south pole (hence, bipolar).

They start to peck at her and she falls over. Near the shore, a wave washes up and over Helen, instantly freezing her. These BiPolar Emperor Penguins start ice skating on Helen.

B: But, global warming has weakened the ice...

A: The penguins peck at the ice
M: Perforating it?
A: Yeah, they perforate the ice until a little section of ice breaks off and floats away...

So, Helen floats through the Atlantic. She washes up on the shores of North Carolina.

A: She was last seen in the Catabwa River.

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Extra long weekend. Nice.