Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crochet Party: Jane Eyre

I had never read Jane Eyre before, so my friends decided to act it out for me:

This might be Jane and her cruel aunt... but it might be Jane pining over Mr. Rochester... I'm not sure

Jane Eyre, teaching her pupil, the Coke bottle, to read.

Jane and Mr. Rochester

Mr. Rochester Disguised as the Fortune Teller:
Jane (Ann): What is my fortune?
Mr. Rochester (as fortune teller): The one you love loves you, as well
Jane: Mr. Rochester? Is that you?
Mr. Rochester: Maybe. Only on Tuesdays.

Jane Pines for Mr. Rochester

Mr. Rochester asks Jane to marry him.

Ann and Amanda (Jane and Rochester)with the Coke bottle Vicar

Mr. Rochester's crazy wife, Bertha. She is locked in the attic (or my closet).

Jane is forlorn because Mr. Rochester is married to the Crazy Wife

Jane goes for a walk with her cousin, my broom. He asks her to marry him, but she goes back to Mr. Rochester.

In a fire, Mr. Rochester was blinded and his wife died. Jane returns and they live happily ever after

McKenzie watches the performance, amused

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