Friday, March 02, 2007

Ahhh! Yesterday in the rain was so much fun! Kristie, Aug, Ann, Alex and I went out to play in Lake RA (lol, the 'lake' behind our dorm "RA" or Raphael Arthur") because Lake O'Connel was being patroled by that Res. Director with the dog. (I really don't like her because she doesn't pick up the dog droppings. Gross.) After jumping in and running around, Bailey, Leiting, and Voots showed up. Voots took some photos for the school paper. Ha!

Ann and Bailey versus Aug and Kristie did wheelbarrow races which ended in each girl falling face first into the water. They did it backwards (with the girls carrying the guys legs). Ann dropped Bailey and they just started running. :-P

By this time, we have the whole third floor balcony of RA watching us and shouting "Dive in!" "Do a belly flop!" or more apropriately "Do a cartwheel!" "See who can do the longest hand stand!" Because, well, the water was like two feet deep in the deepest spot! Ann did a couple cartwheels and she and Bailey tried to do hand stands. I had Kristie hold my legs up, but then she droped me backwards! :-P So, yeah, we were all drenched! I wish I could up load pictures! Afterwards I had Andrew take a photo of me! It's pretty funny, especially since it is the second photo of me that day, soaking wet.

When we were through I think we all walked directly into our showers. I didn't take my clothes off. Just grabbed my soap and shampoo and conditioner and walked in to some delightfully hot water. My clothes (and I of course) were pretty filthy because the water was pretty muddy. I tried to rinse them off as best I could, but we'll see.

Oh, and yes, I did take them off. Eww, who takes a whole shower with their clothes on.

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Anonymous said...

omg, that's so gross, haha. sounds like you're having a great time at school, that's awesome.