Wednesday, February 21, 2007

~*~ Wordless Wednesday ~*~

Today, I've chosen the word intense. Life is intense, I am intense. Things are intense.

-mary veronica

How soon you forget me
And hence, forget yourself

I am intense. I'm stronger
In fact, so wild
I learn swiftly how to get along

Well enough alone

There are more than many
Just as you are and were

At first, refusing to recognize
They are not nearly
Bold or brazen enough.

They lack what it takes
These strong, able-bodied
Yet weak-minded men

Informing the sheets
Of their loveless intentions

Ignoring until morning
The sharp reckoning
That sleeps beside them


Anonymous said...

Weak minded men suck. So does morning reckoning. So, is your ex bangin' a floozie or something? That's what I gather from your prose.

Tokyo Pink said...

It's more about guys thinking they can use girls but parts of it are... complicated...

Anonymous said...

You should try your hand at writing limericks, they are not ... complicated :)

Or HiKu - Man those are fun.

Tokyo Pink said...

There once was a man from Nantucket.... Just kidding! It's not complicated in style sense, but what I mean by some of the words. I've written a couple haiku though... but, most don't have the imagery I'd like them to have...

Anonymous said...

- There once was this guy from Bel Abbey
- In matters of women was he shabby
- He passed on pink hair
- Instead with great flair
- He shoved his shlong in a girl whose poontang was crabby


or, for haiku:
Silly College Man (5)
Had a Hottie in Marry (7)
Instead he Screwed Swine (5)

Tokyo Pink said...

Now I REALLY want to know who you are???? You go to my school? I'm so curious. May I have a hint? You can aol instant message it to me if you don't want to put it on here. maribu07

I'm terribly curious now...

Tokyo Pink said...

On a side note, I think the sharp reckoning might be when she kills him. I can't remember. I wrote this about two years ago :-D I think I'd just watched "Basic Instict."

Anonymous said...

Hah, I'm a junior worker bee from Milwaukee who reads blogs for fun durring my downtime at work. Fo serious girl, it was just a long line of surfing that brought me here!

Basic instinct huh? Yeah, death by ice pick is sharp reconing.

Tokyo Pink said...

lol, your "there once was a guy from bel abbey" and "silly college man" threw me off. you could've had me going if you wanted to trick me :-) Anyway, I appreciate your reading!!