Sunday, February 11, 2007

~*~Unconsious Mutterings~*~

  1. The best thing :: Is life is definitely free

  2. Hold :: On to me / Whatever will be will be / the future is ours to see ...

  3. Rapture :: Is not an idea I subscribe to

  4. Cover :: 's on magazines can be amazing if done artistically and not too pop focused.

  5. Restrictive :: Barriers on websites are really annoying

  6. Baker :: My bio prof. She's okay. It's an 8o'clock. What can I say

  7. Author :: Someday, maybe...

  8. Pill :: The Pill? A source of controversy sometimes. I think it gets a bad rap.

  9. Months :: Seem to fly by these days

  10. Valentine’s Day :: Is on Wednesday and I don't have a valentine!

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