Sunday, February 25, 2007

~*~Unconscious Mutterings~*~

  1. Soldier :: On

  2. Lipton :: SWEET tea!

  3. Reason:: "Others have excuses, I have my reasons why..."

  4. Terms :: On good terms; Terms of endearment (they popped into my head at the same time)

  5. Positive :: The sine curve goes up (from the origin) if the amplitude is positive. (I'm taking trig.)

  6. Example :: I love it when idiots are made and example of!!!

  7. Legacy :: Notre Dame students (not all, granted, but I knew of a few so this pops into my head)

  8. Solo :: Han Solo!!!!

  9. Instrument :: I love when you play the piano, and guitar and sing. Trumpet... not so much. Lol!!!

  10. Later :: Later will be here before you know it...

1 comment:

Christine said...

First time on your site. Came here from Unconscious Mutterings. Mine are up too! Liked your answers for Solo:: Hans Solo and Example - making an example of idiots! Have a great week!