Monday, February 05, 2007

Some Background

I haven't decided what the Event is... Bummer huh? Well, those previous posts were just.... well, ramblings....

Erasmus guarded his students and drew them down to the Brother's caves. Other people from the community, both specifically selected and random, are also down there.

There is no electricity, but there is running water. I've got to work this out. Can plants grow from fire light? I don't know...

The community here in the Cavern, whom I've called the Peoples, are very guarded by moral order...

Erasmus- no history (yet) except we know he was tutor and mentor. The Brothers have something of grudging respect for him. We do not yet know why. He is of medium build. Very quiet. Full of wisdom. Very protective of the little family. Dark, graying hair. Dark blue eyes. Godfather to the children. Calypso has taken a liking to him.
Calista- long curly black hair, fair skin. Deep brown eyes. Slender yet, not too thin. Somewhat womanly. Loves to sing and write poetry. Very gentle, accepting of all her children's pursuits. Fierce, inextinguishable love of Galen and the children. Prefers not to talk about the father.
Galen- soft hands from his ambitions as a writer. Red hair, emerald eyes (not too emerald... slightly less than, say Harry Potters). Care very deeply for Calista and the children. Very devoted to the faith, however, fears that if the Brothers remain unchecked, their control will pollute the faith and disband the faithful. Very anxious that the father was someone whom Calista loved greatly and, if they are ever allowed to resurface, if Calista meets up with the father, she will cling to him again, abandoning Galen. Disapproves of Penelope's training to be a seer, but hides this from her. Confides in Erasmus.
The Father- Not much is said about this impalpable character. Presumed dead. Thinking about making him a part of the "Event" if it has war like connotations. Perhaps he is not someone whom holds Calista's favor.
Calypso- Black hair, deep blue eyes. Very quiet. Doesn't share his thoughts with any but his sister. Voracious reader. Can be found wandering in the less frequented parts of the Caverns and in the library. Spends his time either reading or contemplating many things. I'm not yet privy to what... Sometimes seems to have taken a liking to Erasmus.
Penelope- Red hair and pale green eyes. Surprisingly like Galen. Loves to write. Is training as a seer, much to Galen's chagrin, but he hides it for love of her. Intense love for Galen. Desires most to see all the flowers that once were. Loves to draw. Often draws things that can be construed as prophetic. They are not yet specific enough...

At this time:
Erasmus- 45
Calista- 27
Calypso- 10
Galen- 29
Penlope- 10

I'll write more about what's past though...

At first, I was going to make this story about Calista, but now I'm not so sure. I'm thinking about making it more about Galen and Erasmus...

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