Tuesday, February 13, 2007

So, more on my boring day:

I think that I didn't do so well on my Math test. In fact, I'm fairly sure that I got a couple wrong and, when there are only 15 questions, that sucks.

And I think I fell asleep for 15 minutes in Organismal this morning. Not so bad, except I sit in the front row. Oh well.


Oh, shite.

I just realized I forgot to go to lab. Hmm, I thought I got through with classes a bit early today!


Maybe Dr. Baker will let me go on Thursday. She probably will. She doesn't really care, as long as you attend sometime.

Anyway, love attending daily Mass. It's something I really missed when I wasn't at the Abbey. (You know, Mass... at all...) I go everyday (except Saturday) with Ann. :-) Today was the Fellowship Dinner. It was also Happy Tuesday. So, Ann and I weren't sure where we wanted to eat. I love the Fellowship Dinner a lot, but Happy Tuesday is like a foregone tradition that I missed very much. So, we we're gonna go do Happy Tuesday, but we got hungry waiting for them. The Chi Rho house being on the other side of campus, and outside being wet and rainy, we opted for the caf. This was an uber good decision.

So we got there, and happily a friend whom I've been wanting to see was there. I saw him at lunch but he quickly dissappeared. Anyway, he's been super sick and I wanted to see how he's doing. He has mono, how sucky? He thinks he has strep so has been skipping classes (so as not to infect the entire population).

Anyway, he's pretty cool. I'd hang out with him more but, I don't really want mono or strep.


So, now I'm chatting with Alex about his new BF. He's never had a valentine before. I'm uber jealous but, so excited for Alex. He's really happy. :-D Yay!


Anonymous said...

Mono shares all the symptoms of strep. You really don't want it, but it's not that easy to pass on (they don't call it the kissing disease for nothing)

Tokyo Pink said...

Je sais, I know. I've told him this. He says its pretty bad, so he had a culture done. All I can offer is some comfort and my college girl first aid bin