Sunday, February 11, 2007

She walks away from the computer. Must study, she thinks. Nay, she knows! If she doesn't study, she won't make a decent grade on this test. She might, in fact, make a C. Not many people know this, but last time she made a C on her test, she got completely trashed and laid down on top of the Wheeler Center just staring at the passer-by's below her. She thought of rolling off. Just rolling. But she didn't. Not that she could do that now, there's a freaking fence. But, something...

She flops down on her bed. Her hands behind her bed, and she just thinks. She can't stop thinking about her.

"Love is patient," comes a voice. How ironic. "I didn't say I wouldn't get over it," another voice replies. The wall between her suite and the adjoining one is very un-soundproof. It's funny because they can't hear everything she says, but she can clearly hear everything they say. They continue and eventually move to talking about other things.

And still, though she ought be patient, she is not. She can't stop thinking about him.

She sits back at the computer.

Now what...

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