Sunday, February 11, 2007

Just found this also. Wrote it a bit ago, as well.


In his office, after graduating. She walks in, so nervous she has to shove her unoccupied hand in her pocket to keep it from shaking. The other hand carries a travel coffee mug.

-Many congratulations, Miss Simmons, on your commencement,- her former professor greets her. She grins, the nervousness washing away as she becomes comfortable in his presence.

-Please, call me Celia... May I call you Kenneth now? Not to be so bold, but I am no longer your student.- She gestures questioningly towards the coffee pot while unscrewing the lid off her mug.

-If you'd like, I'm comfortable with it,- he replies with a smile, handing her the coffee.

-Oh, thank you!- She refills her mug. -Kenneth, do you often have students confess desire towards you? I mean,- Takes a sip of coffee. - They all think you're smoking hot and so very smart!-

He wonders where this conversation is going. He wants to guess, but cannot think to hope.

-I have not had many instances, I must confess, of former students confessing undying affection," says Kenneth, seeking refuge in his coffee mug. The tension is thick.

-Well... what would you say if one were to... confess affection and desire?- Not knowing what to do with herself, she drinks her coffee. She flusters around before deciding to have a seat in the chair facing his desk. He follows her example and sits, as well he should. He is a little dizzy at the realization that his answer to this question could change many things.

-I suppose,- he says softly -it would depend upon the student.-

Celia trembles, but she is quite sure it is not from the coffee. --And, what if... supposing the student was me?- She stares at the mug in his hand, so as to stare at him without seeing his face. What would it show? Shock, disgust, disappointment?

He sits back, dizzy, still, with the shock.

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