Thursday, February 22, 2007

I've had an effing good day. Yes. It was that good.
  • For firstly, I rode my bike for this first time today! Yessss. It is a bit tall for me, but what isn't?? It was awesome.
  • Secondly... it is a GORGEOUS day! It has been in the upper sixties (getting up to 71 for a little bit!) all day!
  • Thirdly, I had a free lunch! Yes, K-Swiss bought Betsy and me lunch because he's got to use up the money on his Holy Grounds account because he's leaving for the semester. I had a chicken facco--- something. It was uber yummy! (it really was!)
  • For Fourthly, in intro to Theatre, we went to the basilica and S. Donoghue lectured on symbology a bit. This is one of my favorite subjects and the reason I love religious art so much. Really, there is NO other reason to go to Bob Jones...
  • Fifthly, I love daily mass. Okay, this hasn't happened yet, but still... it really makes my day.
  • Sixtly, basketball game!!! Yesssss, I love basketball games! Let's Go Abbey!!!
  • Sevently, I'm on my twelfth row on my scarf and starting a new stripe. It really is exciting! :-D
  • For Eighthly he rubs himself against a post.
  • For Ninthly he looks up for his instructions.
  • For Tenthly he goes in quest of food.
Haha, those last three were from "Jubliate Agno," in the section about his Cat Jeoffry.

This weekend I've got KSW, Queens game, party w/ Erica!


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Anonymous said...

Yeah, the sixties are nice. Good bicycle weather, enjoy it!