Sunday, February 11, 2007

I just found this... I wrote it a while ago, about someone whom, honestly, I am not attracted to but I admire. He is out of my range anyway. Too old for me, I think. Statuses wouldn't mesh. But, like I said... I'm not attracted to him. I just admire him. I think at one point, I did like him, but not so much anymore. It lasted about a week before I realized... it was just wrong.


I'm in a bar, I think Sammy's. I've graduated. I see you and mosey over and we chat.


And we fumble for words, eventually sitting in a booth together, talking about life, the universe... you know how this goes...

Soon, I feel the desperate need for coffee. We move to the Caravan's. We lose track of time. Before we know it, we're getting shooed out of the coffee shop. And we realize that neither of us wants to go home. at the same time:

--I should

--Do you want

Pause. Neither wants to finish. Both are embarrassed. He is embarrassed because he'd love to go to her place or his place and keep the magic of the night going. He never would have thought she'd agree. She's embarrassed because now she feels too forward and perhaps he thinks she's a tramp. At the same time:

--I'd love

--You're right

Pause again. What now? And she breaks into a grin.


He, relieved, nods.

--Well, show me to your car. I've been looking forward to seeing your place!

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