Monday, February 19, 2007

I am Untamed

I may go mad soon. Sometimes, the world falls out from underneath me. It bottoms out. I am overwhelmed by the nothing. My heart will tear itself from my chest. I feel the need for violence. My skin does not fit quite right.

Right now, I am terribly confused. I am not sure who I am. I have put on the wrong clothes, the wrong shoes, the wrong head and the wrong fingers. I am wearing my Saturday fingers. Clearly, though, it is Monday.

As my body slowly succumbs to the numbness, I will realize it is only a matter of time before I explode.

It is all emotion. Once I have absorbed some emotion, it will force its way out. I supressed tears at a theatre (the lovely girl died) and the supression will come back to haunt me. I have been over excited. This will bring nothing but ill. I assure you, all is well now and it will be again, but there is a time in the space between that all will be asunder


I Go Wild - Poe

I go wild cause you break me open
Wild cause you left me here
I go wild

Wild because the chips are down
Wild because there isn't anybody else around
Wild when the waves start to break
And God knows they're breaking in me now

Wild 'cause it doesn't make sense
For me to cry out in my own defense
Wild 'cause I would do anything
To tear you off your precious fence

So this is what it's like living in limbo
First I'm high then I'm solo

I go wild
'Cause you break me open
'Cause you left me here
I go wild
'Cause your promises are broken
When I know you're near
I go wild
I go wild

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