Tuesday, February 13, 2007

I am so very pleased... I am making an A in Theology! :-) Muy Bueno! (Is this bad grammar? I don't speak Spanish.) I'm fairly sure I'm making an A in Theatre, and here's hoping for an A in Trigonometry. We had a test today. Before today I was for sure making an A. The grades for the test are not yet up. We'll see. I'm making a B in Organismal Diversity and a B in Am. Government. That's about 3.6ish, I think (no calculator handy). As long as I get on the Dean's GOOD List --that's 3.4--, I'll be pleased.

But enough with school! It's Valentine's Day! I think I'd rather celebrate Dionysius. I wonder when people celebrate him. Well... they celebrate him every weekend at this school!

Anyway, the only wine I have in my room is pretty gross. I guess I'll just have to celebrate with the other things he is known for. :-0

I jest. I won't. With whom do I have to revel?


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your grades. Keep up the good work :) You always have Rosy palm and her five sisters to celebrate with.

Tokyo Pink said...

Hmmm, ... I think I'll buy a bottle of wine and drink with my friends instead. Thanks for the suggestion though!

Anonymous said...

No prob, I'm an ideas guy!