Sunday, February 11, 2007

Exerpt from the diary of a stalker

0528: I'm still waiting outside her window. She hasn't woken up yet. Well, if she has, she's still lolling in bed. I'd like to loll in bed with her.
0912: She's finally awake! My hours have paid off! I heard her stretch and groan and the lights come on. I must find a better hiding spot. Can't have her spotting me when she exits.
0933: I snuck into her room while she was in the shower. I took a shirt from her laundry and some notes out of the trash. Lucky day! The shirt... it still smells like her...
1045: She just got off the phone. She's meeting some friends for breakfast. I'm so jealous! I wonder what she'll eat? Probably a waffle with butter, grapes and strawberries, and some milk, just like always!
1120: Sitting in the caf, a fair distance from her, but close enough to watch her eat. Those lucious lips biting into that strawberry! It is divine...
1156: She sat and talked with her friends for a long time. They laughed and had such a good time. Maybe someday I could sit with them! Someday... It is back to my room for now! I've pilfered the cup she drank from at breakfast. It still had marks from her lip gloss.
1430: Well, I took a nap. I was dreaming about her, but still I am angry at myself. So much time lost that I could've been watching her! Ah well. I will go find her now.
1645: After about 20 minutes of searching, I found her in Grace, playing the piano. It was so lovely. I was lucky to have brought my micro-cassette recorder and camera!!! I took many pictures, the flash was off so the quality is poor, but at least she didn't notice me. She played for about an hour before leaving, luckily through the door far from where I was. I'm back in my room now. I've been listening to the recording of her playing the piano over and over. Surely she is an angel.
1922: She is having friends over tonight! They are going to watch "Pride and Prejudice." I haven't seen it but it seems she loves it. I'm sure I can find a nice perch outside her window to view it a bit.
2243: Everyone has left. She is in her room, tidying up. I feel like I know her so well now! I think that perhaps it is time to let her know how much I love her. How much I adore her. I'm going to go into her room now. I'm sure she'll love me, too! At least, she will learn to... She'd better...

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you're creepy.

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