Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Definitely fell asleep in Theology today. For the second day (-ish... it's a MWF class) in a row. I felt bad. I mean, he's not boring. I just haven't been getting sleep. I miss my Sonata! I was never able to sleep to well.

After class I told him I was sorry.
D. Williams says: "For what?"
I am pleased: "Oh, really? Okay, never mind," I laughed.
But he wanted to know.
"For falling asleep!"
Ann: "You fell asleep!" Laughter. "Oh, Mary." Smiles.
D. Williams says that All is well. He cannot be too stern as he, too, did his share of sleeping in class. As long as I'm not "reading Vogue or Cosmo or eating your lunch." He says he never did that. "I still don't read Vogue or Cosmo," he jokes.
"That's a good thing!!!" I say as Ann and I walk away.

What a swell professor.

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haha, cool