Sunday, February 11, 2007

Aujourd'hui, je lis Le Petit Prince. C'est tres bon! J'adore lire en français, mais, je pense je besoin étudier plus.

Okay, so I haven't written in French in a while. I'm much better at the reading. In fact I could read Le Petit Prince with largely no help, because even though I cannot read the total sentance: Les grandes personnes ne comprennent jamais rien toutes seules, et c'est fatigant, pour les enfants, de toujours leur donner des explications

I can pick it apart

Les grandes personnes (The grown ups / big people) ne comprennent jamais (don't understand) rien (-)toutes seules(whole selves), et c'est (and it is) fatigant (tiring?), pour les enfants (for the children), de toujours (to all the time)leur (-)donner des explications (give the explanatins).

So I'm guessing a lot here, but you see how it's pretty easy to read if you know some? Though I should know leur... isn't that like them or something?

This is a better sentance:

J'ai donc dû choisir un autre métier et j'ai appris à piloter des avions.
I have -- to chose another -- and i have -picked?- to pilot the airplanes.
Appris...apprir maybe? dunno. Donc, I should know hmm...-then- I think. I think it's a filler

anyway, it's all good. I'm taking french next semester.

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