Sunday, February 04, 2007

And they called him Calypso, for his was borne of darkness in the deep caverns. Hidden from the world, but the only means of staving off the end of all existence. After Calypso came Penelope, called so for she was borne in the caul. When she spoke, the Peoples listened. The birth, attended only by his father and godfather, was the first in the Caverns. The cries of the children were heard with wonder among all the Peoples.

Galen had taken the place of the father, as he and Calista had become close since the Event. The man who might be the father was long gone, and who knew when the Peoples might surface once more? The surface was more dangerous than ever with fires all around and hot ash falling from the sky. They were told none could survive. A rebellious man had tried, and like the loved ones whom had been left behind, he was never seen again.

So, the Peoples tried to make their way of life deep underground. The Brothers had known this was coming and, though they could not stop it, they did what they could to protect those who must suffer through. They carved out of the deep earth and rock these Caverns and filled them with ever good thing that one might need to live. Food, water, clothing, medical supplies. They had been down here for near 6 months and there were no signs that the end of their detested cave dwelling might soon end.

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