Monday, January 15, 2007

This might be a little ironic. I was talking with Jeff last night, and he let me in on the latest family gossip (their family are gossip feinds. Not so much Jeff, but his sister would kill him if he didn't tell me!) So, cousin Amy is 18, just having graduated high school. Cousin Amy doesn't have her drivers license because she believes she's not mature enough. However, she and her boyfriend just got engaged and plan to be married in august. How she's mature enough to get married but not mature enough to drive is beyond me... And he is thinking of quitting school to become a ... wait for it... coal miner. Apparently he doesn't watch the news.

Why does everyone want to get married so young?

Anyway, I definately needn't say anything to Amy because 1) I don't know her so well and 2) she has the most opinionated mother in the universe. This is of less concern to me, I think, because ... well I think her whole family is up in arms about it and she doesn't need anyone else in her face about it. And... well, you know, it's her life, and her decisions.

But it looks like I'm going to be in Chicago this august :-) Yay! I love Chicago :-)

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