Monday, January 22, 2007

So, we have to write a paper about how we feel about Abraham in Genesis 22. You know, "The Testing of Abraham." As in "In Which Abraham Blindly Follows The Voice Asking Him To Murder His Only Child In Cold Blood."

These days, such a person would be locked up and the DSS would remove the child from the home barring future evaluation. After all, Sarah didn't stop Abraham.

I understand that Abraham was following God. However, unless the child is in the throes of the Terrible Two's or experiencing the hellish stage of the human condition that we call Middle School, then how could a perfectly sane, loving, caring parent tie up their only child and raise a knife to slaughter the poor child?

I submit to you that perhaps our beloved Abraham was not of sound mind.

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CaptainFartlek said...

I was bored and saw your post on adope a microbe blog.
I don't know much about Abraham, but we (canadians) had a crazy prime minister called Mackenzie King. He is most famous for two things- One, leading Canada through World War II, and two, being insane. You see, Mackenzie King believed he could communicate with his dead mother, not to mention his dead pets, and routinely sought political advice from them. Their advice must have been good, because despite his numerous eccentricities, Mackenzie King is now largely considered one of Canada's best Prime Ministers. How messed up is that!!! Have fun with your paper.