Sunday, January 28, 2007

Maybe we'll go to Dr. Cote's house today to do laundry. That would be awesome!!! I need clean clothes. Oh, bless you N. Cote!!!

What Bucepalus thinks as he swims around his tank: When's she gonna feed me? She's just... hey! She's just sitting there. Maybe if I do the angry fins... Oh, come on lady! Don't you see the angry fins? Maybe, I'll just wait. Just float here, just lie on this fake blade of kelp and rela...OH MY GOD I'M SO HUNGRY!!!


Damnit.... STOP STARING AT ME AND FEED ME! Do you REALLY want to invoke the wrath of Bucephalus? I'm a Fighting Fish! I can so take you!!!



Anonymous said...

this is hilarious

Tokyo Pink said...

This is so true though. If you sit in front of him in the morning or evening before he's been fed, he'll try to stare you down and scare you with his Angry Fins. :-D I love my Bucie!!!