Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I had my first KSW class today in Matthews. It was great! It's very laid back there, something I'll have to get used to, but not too used to because I don't want to have to do a million pushups for PSBN brian when i get back :-) but they're super awesome. We did these lunges where you would do a kick and then step down really far (like in a lunge kinda) and then stand and kick again with the left foot but step back really far and then stand back up. They were not easy, but it was good. I don't think I'll be telling KJN about those... not sure I wanna do those too much :-)


Anonymous said...

what is PSBN? I know what KSW (Kook Sul Wan) is and what KJN (Kwan Ja Nym...or however it is spelled.) is, but not PSBN. Oh well, I'm glad that you having fun back at school. Now you'll finally update your blog.

Tokyo Pink said...

PSBN: Pu Sah Bum Nym; KSW: Kuk Sool Won; KJN: Kwang Jang Nym (though it was phontically correct). Anyway 1st Degree is Jyo Kyo Nym (as in Jyo Kyo Nym Karen and Mark :-)) 2nd Kyo Sa Nym (Kyo Sa Nym Jeff), 3rd Pu Sah Bum Nym; 4th Sah Bum Nym; Master: Kwang Jang Nym; Chief Master: Chohng Kwang Jang Nym; Grand Master: Kuk Sa Nym