Friday, January 19, 2007

finish the sentence...

1. I've come to realize that my last kiss.... was far too long ago.

2. I am listening to... Brian Wilson by BNL.

3. I talk... to my hott sis and to Jeff.

4. I love... my hott sis and Jeff.

5. My best friend... sent me the most freaking sweet card today. She's pretty hot... and super cool

6. My first real kiss... was a SHOCK! It was by the lockers at school and *I* thought we were just talking then all of a sudden it gets slobbery... it was not good...

8. I hate it when people ask... how old my boyfriend is, because they're always judgemental.

9. Love is... difficult but most rewarding.

10. Marriage is... hard work. And a long way off for me!

11. Somewhere, someone... is dreaming of you.

12. I'll always wonder what if... I'm doing the right thing (regarding everything I do).

14. The last time I cried was because... I was "Jeff-sick."

15. My cell phone is... most intrisic in keeping me in touch with my sis and my beau.

16. When I wake up in the morning... I put on my glasses and check the weather.

17. Before I go to bed... I feed my fish, take my pill, and read a chapter from "Stranger in a Strange Land."

18. Right now I am thinking about... what "Brian Wilson" is about.

19. Babies are... needy, kinda sticky, expensive, sometimes smelly, but will someday be worth it. (Not now though!)

20. I get on myspace... whenever I get an e-mail saying that I have a friend request or a message. Now Facebook, that's a different story: about every 10 minutes! (Not really, but everyday).

21. Today I.... went to the bank to deposit a check and to BiLo to look for a card for Tiffasaurus Rex. They all sucked so I'm thinking Walgreens.

22. Tonight I will... be at home with Jeff. :-)

23. Tomorrow I will be... in bed all morning, then studying in the afternoon or possibly going to watch the KSW demo practice.

24. I really want to be... on the Dean's List (the good one).

25. If I could tell anyone anything I would say... Tinkerbell wears hotpants.


Anonymous said...

what is 'brian wilson' about anyway? and tinkerbell doesn't wear hotpants, she wears a skirt

Tokyo Pink said...

Tinkerbell wears hotpants....

"Lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did... Well I'm lying in bed just like Brian Wilson did." By the Barenaked Ladies. It's a song... referencing the Beach Boy Brian Wilson in the chorus. Brian wilson suffered crippling depression and stayed in bed much of the time writing lyrics to the album Pet Sounds.