Saturday, January 27, 2007

Alex, Ann and I took a road trip to Michael's and Hollywood Video. Oh, and by road trip, I mean down Franklin... yeah... I have no car:-(

Anyway, we were talking about christmas, because McAddenville has the greatest christmas lights display and I was remembering how Dr. Cote had a christmas party for us when I was a freshman. We tried to think of who else might have one: We decided that Munroe (I think that's her name... English prof. I've never had her) and D. Williams should have christmas parties.

Oh, and I also need to have a meeting with Dr. Thuot for 2 reasons. 1) to tell him he's a black belt! :-) Remember my dream with the four professors? They were all blackbelts. I recall now that I didn't say who the profs were, but he was one of them. Also Tiwari was as I've previously mentioned. Okay and 2) to teach him how to add friends to facebook.

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