Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Why I Don't Like Professor Eyabi:

Tokyo Pink: Did you get my e-mail? I'm not going to be in class all next week.
Eyabi: Yes, my condolences to-
Tokyo Pink: The test is next Monday
Eyabi: Yes. Will you be out Monday
Tokyo Pink: *Is Monday part of the week?* Yes, I'll be out all week. Can I make it up?
Eyabi: Well, you'll just have to do very well on all future exams and the final exam grade will replace it.
Tokyo Pink: The syllabus says that students can take make up tests
Eyabi: Well... in theory...
Tokyo Pink: The syllabus is a binding contract between student and professor
Eyabi: ... Perhaps I shouldn't put the part about making up tests on the next syllabus

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