Friday, November 03, 2006

My bracelet has super powers... when combined with espresso. Don't dip it in the espresso... dip! Put on the bracelet and drink the espresso! You'll see. Super powers for shizzle! It's not any normal bracelet. It's not a bracelet at all, it's this black string. Sometimes I wear it as a choker, sometimes I wear it more loosely like Zoe from Firefly's necklace. Yesterday, I wore it as a bracelet for the first time. I had the greatest day. I stopped for a french vanilla cappuchino from port city, which also uses 2x as much espresso as the other guys! I made $100 from ONE table. Crazy drunk horny men. Love em. You must!

"I still believe pigs can fly.
I don't have to see to believe;
they only fly when I'm not looking." -- Angelique

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