Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm going to do an about me survey for today... I think I'll do it every tuesday, well... some tuesdays...

All About Me Survey
I Amstuffed up and a little tired...
I Wantto leave here and go to Belmont!
I Haveno money...
I WishI could win the lottery, make straight A\'s without trying. I wish I cared more about trying but ... I can\'t, not here...
I Hatemy stat and kinesiology teachers (they haven\'t earned the title of professor)
I Feardark spaces and loud noises...
I Hearlots of people typing away in one sided conversations.
I Searchfor a place where I feel whole
I Wonderif I\'ll ever get better
I Regretnothing
I LoveJeff and Tiffy most of all
I Achein my head. Literally... I have the worst headache ever
I Alwayswash my hands after sneezing, coughing, going to the bathroom, and touching children or puppies
I Usuallytry and stay away from children
I Am Nothonest
I Dancewith whomever I can
I Singalone
I Neverstudy enough
I Rarelyget what I was expecting with life.
I Crytoo much in the winter
I Am Not Alwayswell...
I Losemoney like madness
I'm Confusedabout who I am
I Needto get away from the south. I was thinking Chicago. Eventually. Lets start little by little... NC next
I Shouldcut ties. I think it would be best...
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