Friday, October 06, 2006

Thursday 13

Well, it's a little late for this but I still want to write it

1) I absolutely love Hermione-Severus fanfic. Kinda creepy but... well I have no room to talk.
2) Really good stories I read over and over again
3) I have always prided myself on being an "undomestic goddess"
4) I am catering to Jeff's every whim while he is recovering from surgery
5) I am really enjoying taking care of Jeff, and this makes me nervous
6) I lie about hating all the documentaries that Jeff watches. They really are interesting!!!
7) I believe in karma... a little :-) do good things, good things happen, and vice versa
8) I have honestly always been attracted to older men. I just got lucky to find such a good one thats not too much older :-)
9) I am in need of some serious passion and I don't mean sexually. I mean feeling time slow down and your heart beat all over your body because something is amazing and touches every part of you
10) I think blitzkrieg is pretty much one of the coolest word! (blitzkrieg pop!)
11) I am annoyingly curious. Forever asking questions! Who? Why? Why? Where? most of all... how???
12) I am constantly trying to better myself, unsuccessfully...
13) Jeff is hurting right now. He is in pain, and the vycodin is making him itchy and nauseaus... You know he just had surgery yesterday. That's why I'm catering to his every whim. My 13th? I wish I could hold him and make everything better.

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