Wednesday, October 04, 2006

my poor baby is not well. Jeff had his surgery for his ingroinal hernia today. I told someone that he had an ingroinal hernai and they were like "how do you get an ingrown hernia????" i told her that his outsides were trying to break thru his abdominal wall. She was muy confused.

Anyway, my poor baby had surgery this morning.

755. Mary arrives at the the "in-laws". Rings doorbell. Rings again. Knocks. Knocks. Is about to call Jeff when he answers the door. His hair is wet and he's in his worn brown robe. He's had it since college. Lands End makes some good, long lasting stuff. "Sorry, I just got out of the shower." She steps in and hugs him. "Are you okay?" He nods. "Nervous." He shruggs. That means he's pretty nervous. He'll never say.

She follows him to the flamingo room. Jeff closes the door. He digs in his duffle bag and pulls out boxers, pyjama pants and a tee shirt. At first, Mary is concerned. It's a gray tee shirt. His Weird Al shirt is gray. But, it's okay... it's just Goofy. Makes Mary think of Pluto. "Pluto is gone, it's just goofy!" He needs to wear something comfy because it might be difficult to get dressed after the surgery. He dresses. She gives him another hug. Holds her a bit tighter. He's nervous.

815 Maureen, Jeff and Mary leave for the hospital. They arrive and are shown to the room. A nurse comes in a shows Jeff the gown and the anti-embolism stockings he must wear. The stockings will stay on for a couple days to prevent blood clots. "I'll be the sexiest guy in the ER," quips Jeff.

The nurse comes into give Jeff his IV. She is stooping or crouching in front on his left arm. Swipes his wrist with alcohol. "Big stick..." she warns. Jeff's face wrinkles. Mary watches with concern. Jeff looks up and makes a sad face. "I don't like how that looks," sighs the nurse. "Nope... don't like that at all..." She's going to have to stick him again. "Poor Jeff," Mary croons softly. The nurse pulls the needle out, throws it out and leaves to get a new one. "I never bring two... that's like expecting to mess up," she explains.

Mary wonders if her wooziness will fade. She's getting a very similar sensation as when she watched "Touching The Void." The nurse returns with the needle. "I think I'll wait outside," says Mary, embaressed but trying to make light of it. "I'm positively useless when it comes to this stuff." She wanders the halls while the nurse prepares Jeff's IV and takes his pulse and blood pressure.

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