Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen
Okay, this is my very first T13. I haven't joined the blogroll yet, because I am not sure I'll keep it up every week. Anyway, here's my first Thursday 13

1) I'm trying to learn Korean. It's not going well.
2) I'm involved in an awesome martial art (Kuk Sool Won) which is why I want to learn Korean.
3) I work at a sushi bar (sushi restaurant/martini bar/sports bar... kinda crazy)
4) I LOVE my job!
5) I would quit school if I could make good money right now. Or if I won the lottery.
6) I would then start back at school so I could get my biology degree.
7) I think bacteria is SUPER COOL!
8) I would like to write more often
9) I love the series Firefly and the film Serenity
10) I am also in love with Simon Tam. His hoof-in-mouth syndrome is endearing.
11) I am really in love with Jeff. He is so amazing and patient.
12) I am not nearly a good enough girlfriend for Jeff.
13) I wish I was a part of something much much bigger.

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