Thursday, September 28, 2006

I wrote this when I was still Rhapsody, still using geocities to try and make websites. Before I found Blogger... About four years ago :-) I'm putting a star next to things that have changed and putting the changes in (parentheses)

1. I have at least four aliases that I use on a regular basis* (I have very few aliases these days)
2. You will never know all of them
3. I am in love constantly
4. I like getting snazzied up to go out
5. I enjoy walking around small amounts of clothings
6. I am most happy in a tank top and barefoot
7. I love the fact that I can wear my sisters old jeans
8. I cherish conversations that last for hours
9. I can loose myself in music
10. Art is one of the most important things to me
11. I love to forget myself in dance
12. I love to show off my poetry
13. I want to spend at least 3 months wandering around Europe
14. I think I'm creative
15. I love making collages, both word or image, from random magazines
16. I have been told I'm facinating
17. I think every girl should believe that she is facinating and irresistable
18. I love to watch movies that make me cry
19. I also love zombie movies
20. I like having my picture taken
21. I want to be interesting
22. I am afraid of all bugs who invade my ten foot "no-bug-zone"
23. I enjoy making guys do a double take
24. I love sighing over everything in Vogue and Harper's Bazaar
25. I adore Nicole Kidman
26. I also adore Tom Cruise (I adore Tom Cruise Significantly less these days. I am more into Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller)
27. I think that confidence, edging on brassiness, is often important.
28. I love drinking too much wine
29. I love taking long walks to be alone with myself
30. I love keeping a journal and a blog
31. I love pouring my heart out
32. I enjoy reading Men's Health
33. I can really get into watching sports
34. I love to go shopping
35. I love basking in the sun
36. I have the hots for chemistry (I love biology now. I'm a geek for bacteria!)
37. I wish I was a halfway decent chess player
38. I wish I was compelled to read deeper stuff (I am finding that I can actually read dostoevsky and cervantes!)
39. I love staying up really really late
40. I also love waking up really really early
41. I love roofing
42. I love the smell of fresh cut lumber
43. Home Depot, Toy'R'Us, and Target are the best stores to get lost in
44. I pay attention to fortune cookies and horroscopes
45. I am a Saggitaruis
46. I am looking forward to turning 20 (I am now 21... I'm happy with whatever age i am)
47. I love working out
48. I'm not a beer drinker
49. I don't kiss on the first date
50. I am in love with the south and everything that comes with it
51. I think satire is important

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