Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I got a second job! Yay! I was training yesterday and they want me on the floor on FRIDAY! Yay! Tips! I started at Fuji Sushi :-D

So, I'm crazy. Here's my schedule for the next week

Thursday: 8am-11am class (bio and psych); 11-12 Cultural Credit thingy; 12-1 Lunch; 1-530 study and laundry; 530-630 dinner and get ready for class; 630-830 KSW (really only 7-8 but add driving, warm up and leaving takes a few minutes of course); 830-11 Study (hopefully); 11pm-? online
Friday: 10-11 class; 11-1 lunch and study; 1-2 class; 2-330 study and etc; 330-11 work at Fuji. 11pm-? at Jeffs. Probably go straight to sleep
Saturday: I'd like to wake up early and work out but there's no place in his apt to work out! So I'll probably sleep in until 10 or 11; This day is unscheduled until 4: leave for work 5-12
Sunday: Also unscheduled. lots of studying, i hope. possibly working?
Monday: no class until 1. I should get up and study. probably will not. 1-3 class; 4-12 work
Tuesday: identical to thursday; unless i work 11-3 for lunch :-D
Wednesday: 10-11 class; 11-1 lunch and study; 1-6 class; possibly leave early for work.

sooo fun :-)

I worked 430-930 today. $6/hour + $10 tipout = $40 gross

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Tiffany said...

2 Jobs. Woah. How many hours a week are you working? And where is your new job? Mike and I want to come visit you at work.

I made an 87.1 on my first math test! Yay. I actually got everything mostly right, I just made stupid mistakes. Like writing the answer in {set notation} instead of [interval notation]. Huzzah.

I tried calling you today and yesterday. Lozar. Call me.