Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Simon.. Walter. Yes, Walter grabs my hand. Where are we going. Not for you to know. You'll see. I'm lost in these woods. And then I see it. The tree. I used to come here to air out the thoughts in my tangled mind.

They ran through the woods holding hands until they reached a secret grove of trees.

"I come here sometimes," she sighed. Soft pink petals carressed her face and rested on her shoulder. He noticed she hadn't dropped his hand.

"It's quiet. Very peaceful," he replied. She turned to face him, her features bright in the cool bath of moonlight. She squeezed his hand. He hesitated, but leaned down slowly. Nervous and scared. She closed her eyes and their lips pressed together. Her hand found its way to his neck and his arms were wrapped around her back. Their lips opened and their tongues mingled sweetly. He wrapped his arms around her tighter and she seems to melt in her embrace.

I blink and shake my head.
Mei-mei? Walter calls
What did you say?
I called your name, Mary.
He is confused. I am confused. I heard Mei-mei. But it's... it's but a dream within a dream, dear Edgar... just as you said.

I close my eyes. None of it... its not for me to know...

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