Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Kristie, Aug, Anthony, and Shana up and went to Florida for the weekend on a whim. That's fine. Except they think they deserve to be able to postpone their quiz in Thuot's class because they didn't do the reading.

"What? You think you should be able to take your quiz later because you were irresponsible and didn't do the reading you knew was assigned for today?"

"Well, that's why Dr. Thuot is nice than you Mary."

I wanted to SLAP Shana. What a full on... expletive!

Then, when Ann found out that they got to take their quiz later she said:

Ann: "Wow, I never even tried to do that. I figured if I didn't do the homework, it was my fault for being irresponsible."

Kristie: "Well, you know the tire blew out. We meant to be back earlier, but we got back way late."

Ann: "But still..."

Kristie: "I think everyones just jealous"

Mary: "I think your mistaken and it was wrong of you to say that Kristie."

But, oh, I forgot... they are better than us after all. They are a head above the rest of us... They deserve to miss the quiz...

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