Monday, February 28, 2005

Here's something jimmy just sent to me

Random Things to Look For In A Godly Guy

1. Respect

2. Honesty

3. Leadership

4. Integrity

5. Humor

6. Friendship

7. Loyalty

8. Self-Control

9. Strength

10. Gentleness

* * * * * * * * * * *
To Whom It May Concern:

Just because the male population seems to be rapidly decreasing, that doesn't mean us girls should lower our standards or expectations. Though it may be totally out of place in the MTV generation, I'm still waiting for a knight-in-shining-armor... and no, surprisingly, he doesn't look like Justin Timberlake.

For those girls reading this, its important to decide right now what qualities to look for in the guy you fall in love with. Of course your ideals may change in some ways - it probably won't matter if he's "tall dark and handsome" or "short blond and dashing" ... or just plain ugly. At least, it shouldn't. *grin* But if you don't decide now, then you probably will find yourself falling in love with all the wrong people... the kinds of guys who will not love you for who you are, or respect you, or even be faithful to you.

There are many things you shouldn't lower the standard for... for me personally, I'd like to keep to the list above. There may not be many guys like that out there... but ya know what? I only need one.
I'm not expecting a "perfect" man... just a "good" guy... a guy after God's own heart.
And I'm willing to wait all my life for him.

For the guys reading this, you might be encouraged, or you might not be. But I am praying for all of you as my brothers in Christ that you stay strong and pure... and I'm especially praying for the one out there... who I don't even know yet... but who will some day sweep me off my feet. Its so exciting for me - not to know who You are but to already feel connected with You through my prayers.

I hope all you guys will pray for us girls as your sisters in Christ... that we keep the standard high and be faithful to our future husbands... and especially pray for the girl who was destined by God to be your bride someday. I hope my future husband is praying for me... it can be so hard sometimes to be modest, think pure, and not flirt when almost all the other girls around me don't care - and apparently get all the guys anyway. But when I meet my "knight", I want to be able to look him straight into his beautiful eyes and tell him honestly that I've waited all my life for him.

And until that "someday" comes, I can have a relationship with the "standard" for all guys... the only guy who can ever completely understand and fulfill me. Even if I never enter the convent... which I don't think I'm called to but you never know... I know that having God in my life will only make me a better sister, daughter, girlfriend, and wife. And I know that God has a plan for me... it's crazy to think that He's already got my guy all picked - and he's somewhere out there right now! [Unless of course we have a dysfunctional relationship and he's like sixteen years younger than me]... But seriously... who would be a better matchmaker than God? So let it be known that here is one girl who is going to trust God with her love life... and wait for the "knight in shining armor".

*This is just something that has been on my heart for a while now... and I wanted to share it with ya'll. Feel free to add to it and definitely pass it on... I may not have said it perfectly, but the basic idea is one that I think alot of people need to hear.*
In Christ,

and here was my reply:

Good thing for me that my guy has respect, honesty, leadership qualities, integrity, humor, friendship, loyalty, self-control, strength, and gentleness. Yes, he has these qualities abound.

Good thing for me that I don't judge people without knowing them.

Good thing for me that I haven't lowered my standards and NEVER thought that just because a guy doesn't share some of the same beliefs that he's just not good enough.

Good thing for me that my guy and I, in fact, share many of the same beliefs.

Good thing for me that I am, above all, happy.

Love, Mary

P.S. on a side note, that was a bit defensive of me, something you accuse me of often. Yes, I know I'm defensive... but what else can I say to someone who has told me "if you got in a car crash tonight, you'd probably go to hell"

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