Monday, January 03, 2005

Yesterday, Jeff and I had been dating for six months! HA! That's what I have to say. "It'll never last" I was told. Wrong-O! I'm still getting some negative raps for dating him. Jeff says all he hears is positive stuff, but that's the difference between his family and friends and mine. Well, my friends are all cool with it now. Some of my sisters friends think I'm pretty crazy. My parernts are ready for this to be over with, but they'll just have to hold their breath please, because we're sticking around.

So many people who think they know whats best for me continue to tell me harsh things such as: "If you got in a car crash tonight, you would probably go to hell" (That's from Jimmy if any one from G'vegas is wondering why I'm mad at him.) and a lot of "we'll still be here for you when he breaks your heart." Funny thing is, a lot of these people don't even know Jeff! How can you judge. Everyone who knows the both of us has nothing but positive things to say, except my father of course. I'm so sick and tired of people saying such cruel things to me.

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