Monday, December 06, 2004

I haven't posted in forever, but it's exam time, so it's not like I'm about to get on the ball. The only ball I'm getting on is the STUDY ball! Oh yea!

News: I have a french penpal. Jeff and I have been dating for five months now. J'adore français, mais je déteste l'examen!

I like these things:
[ Firsts ]
First best friend: Mary
First car: 1989 Silver Ford Probe (Roxie!)
First real kiss: Blake
First break-up: Jamie
First screen name: Flower_Power_Majik
First funeral: Grammy's
First pet: Peter, a snow white rabbit
First piercing: my ears
First true love: David Duchovney
First musicians you remember hearing in your house: Anything classic rock!!!

[ Lasts ]
Last cigarette: I took a drag once when I was about 12 or 13. None since.
Last car ride: Driving to Taco Bell and back
Last kiss: Jeff, a good-bye kiss until Friday/Saturday
Last good cry: Last one I can remember is when I was sad and I burst out crying all over Jeff when I was visiting him.
Last library book checked out: Hmm... "The City of God" by St. Augustine and "Summa Theologaie" by Aquinas, I checked out both at the same time.
Last movie seen: Rushmore
Last phone call: Chris O'Connor and Tiffany, on Saturday.
Last time showered: This morning.
Last cd played: The song that MUST be played religiously at The Bar (dorm 203C Poelleth) "I'm not crazy I'm just a little unwell. I know, right now you can't tell..." Matchbox 20...
Last item bought: These amazing chandalear earrings from the South Park mall. They are so awesome that I wear one in my left ear and a tiny pink rhinestone stud in the other. (amanda's got the same thing on)
Last annoyance: One word: Alex
Last disappointment: Having to watch Jeff drive back to anderson.
Last time wanting to die: I never wanted to die, I just wanted to know what it would be like...
Last shirt worn: a white long-sleeve thing
Last website visited: I love google!
Last word you said: Augustine, as in "Bon chance, augustine!"
Last song you sang: Unwell by Matchbox 20
What is in your cd player?: Electronic Nouveau.
What color socks are you wearing?: Red and White slipper socks that say "Kissable"
What Color underwear are you wearing?: white with navy and lavender stars and navy trim
What's under your bed?: a bookbag, a suitcase, lots of dust...
What time did you wake up today?: 10:30?

[ Currents ]
Current mood: kinda tired... stressed about exams...
Current music: Electronic (Gary Flanagan!)
Current taste: Jagermiester (it smelled like that in poelleth... the DRY dorm!)
Current hair: Frizzy ponytail
Current clothes: black uncut cords, layered pink and lav. tanks, black shoes, and the afformentioned socks and awesome earrings.
Current annoyance(s): a girl who won't take responsibility for the things she does
Current desktop picture: fishies!
Current book(s): ummm, summa theologaie, expendable, and everything I have to read for exams
Current color of toenails: none
Current time-wasting wish: to automatically know everything i need to remember for this week!
Current hate: None, really...

.: One or the Other: :.
1. Black or white? Black
2. Boxers or briefs? Boxer briefs, seriously. The blue ones.
3. Coke or Pepsi? Diet Pepsi
4. Salt or pepper? Pepper
5. Sweet or sour? Sweet
6. Vanilla or chocolate? Chocolate!
7. Short or long? What? Long. In spring I'll say short.
8. Cheap or expensive? Expensive.
9. Firm or soft? both make me think dirty...
10. Hot or cold? Hot

.: My favorite... :.
1. Color is: Red
2. Song is: Right now? Metro Boulot Dodo and Vindicated
3. Scent is: sex, alcohol, and chanel number five
4. Alcoholic beverage is: wine: cheap white zinfandel, reisling; shots: buttery nipples or jagermeister
5. Food is: I really enjoy things au gratin. and I enjoy olives. and fried okra. but not together.

.:. 5 things you did so far today .:.
Spoke french with Kristie and Augustine
Re-Named Mom's (Stef) fish: LaTerre
Got Kristie a plate of about 2 nachos and a ton of melted cheese
Gossiped about other members of our group
Mentioned Coté several times, all about the exam

.:. 5 things you can hear right now .:.
The hum of the refridgerator
My suitemates ruckus
The wind rustling through the leaves
Someone walking through the leaves on their way back to their dorm
Someone's music (it's 24/7 quiet! TURNITOFF!)

.:. 5 things you do when your bored .:.
Go online
Go to The Bar (203c Poelleth)
Visit people
Read or Study
E-mail or Chat in french

.:. 5 people that never fail to cheer you up .:.

.:. 5 things you can't live without .:.
Dorm keys
a quarter
a mini-notebook to carry everywhere!

.:. 5 things you love .:.
walking around outside with my buds
juice juice juice! (That's all that we serve at The Bar)
inside jokes
surprise chocolate

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