Monday, September 13, 2004

Went to my first frat party this past weekend! It was at the Delta Tau Delta apartment. Eww, lots of beer, but the delts president Luke Lenehan had a cooler of gin and tonics made up, so that was good.

Unfortunatly, anything larger than 15 people is too big of a party, according to the student handbook. So, the authorities and an RD had the great idea to show up! They didn't do anything too bad. Deputy Donught (I'm not sure why the call him that, but they do) showed up and told a couple of us to get out of the apartment. A couple minutes later, we walked back in and locked the door, so only people who lived there and a couple of us were inside. When the RD showed up, a couple of us went into some of the back rooms to hang out. I was pretty nervous for a few minutes. The school is giving me 12 grand a year, I can afford to bust that.

Also, this week is rush week, so all the greeks are going crazy! I might pretend I want to join so to get some free stuff! I don't really wanna join a sorority though... I'm sure there is some sort of commitment, and I'm far to lazy to keep up with some greeks. I just like their parties.

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