Thursday, September 09, 2004

(parody on Woodie Guthrie's:) This Land Is My Land

George: This land is your land! This land is my land!
I'm a Texas tiger! You're a liberal weiner!
I'm a great crusader; You're a herman munster!
This land will surely vote for me!

Kerry:This land is your land, this land is my land
I'm an intellectual... Your a stupid dumb ass!
I'm a purple heart winner, And yes, it's true I won it thice
This land will surely vote for me!

George: You have more waffles then a house of pancakes
You offer flipflops, I offer tax breaks
You're a U.N. pussy
And yes, its true that I kick ass!
This land will surely vote for me!

Kerry: You can't say nuclear, that really scares me
Some times a brain can come in quite handy
But its not gonna help you,
Because I won three purple hearts!!
This land will surely vote for me!!

George: You're a liberal sissy!

Kerry: You're a right wing nut job!

George: You're a pinko commie!

Kerry: You're dumb as a door knob!

George: Hey! You got that botox!

Kerry: But, I still won 3 purple hearts!

Both: This land will surely vote for me

Indian: This land was my land

Everyone: But, now it's our land

Arnold Schwarzenager: From California

Clinton (dancing with girl) To the New York isl- (Hilary comes in and slaps him) What'd I do?

Kerry: From the liberal weiners!

George: To the right wing nut jobs!

Kerry: This land belongs

George: This land belongs

Both: This land belongs to you and me

George: Yea! Oh and Dick Cheney, too!

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