Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Condoms are like best buds
They're there to protect when things get a bit hard

Baby, the only reason I'd kick you outta bed would be to fuck you on the floor

Dry panties are a sign of a totally wasted dance

Fill this out, y'all... not all the questions if you don't feel like it, just some of em...

1: What is your real first name?:
2: What is your Blog name?:
3: How old are you?:
4: Are you a boy or girl?:
5: How long have you been reading?:
6: How did you find my diary?:
7: What made you read the very first time?:
8: What made you continue to read?:
9: Who is your fav person that I write about?:
10: Am I on your favorites list?:
11: What state and country do you live in?:
12: Recommend someone else’s diary to me:
13: Why do you recommend this person?
14: Ask me one question:
15: Tell me one interesting fact about yourself:

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