Thursday, August 12, 2004

Après recherche des années,
j'ai trouvé l'inspiration.
Un baiser de Marie Mignonne.

Basically, meant to say: After searching for years, I have found the inspiration. A kiss from Cute Mary.*

I used to play with his (Jeff, for all you living under a ROCK!) cell phone at work and then once I was going through his phone book and it had me as "Cute Mary," before we were going out or anything. Like two or three months ago. And I deleted the "Cute." Next time I looked at his phone, he'd put "Cute" back in front of "Mary," and I changed it to "Mignonne Marie." Of course, then he corrected my grammar. It's now just Maria. I like that name.

Anyway... that was a long explaination of two of the words in that...

He sent that too me in an e-mail when we were going back and forth once. I thought it was freaking awesome.

Is there any doubt why I dig him so much???

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