Sunday, August 29, 2004

3.5 hours on the phone. Seem a bit much? Quite possibly. I just missed Jeff a lot last night. It's really my first weekend here, and I had an awesome day yesterday, but when the busy-ness of life is over, we can look back to what's really important.

my busy-ness yesterday consisted of running and slipping and sliding down a slip-n-slide about fifty times yesterday... and by that I mean, being the ONLY GIRL on the slip-n-slide... And, yes, I looked HOTT in my pink bikini! It soo much fun! My feet started hurting so, I was the "water model" for a while, as Sean dubbed me. It was really funny... yea... those guys were much happier slip sliding around with a hott girl in the soap!

After I got cleaned up, Tom and I went to the Open Mic Night at Caravan Coffee Bar. It was okay, not too many people went up. I was gonna go up, but I forgot my poetry... After that we drove around for a while and then went back to the dorms. We went to my dorm and listened to third eye blind. My favorite songs are the last six or so on the self titled. Then we went to Tom's dorm. I went online to print more of my poetry and kieron came in complaining of a back ache, so I'd give him a back massage. (I didn't.) While I was working on my poetry, Tom fell asleep, lol... Soo, I went back to my room and called Jeff.

Yes, we were on the phone for three and a half hours, but I just really wanted to talk to him. And then, I started talking about Dan. I miss Dan SO MUCH. I started bawling. I got his sweater out of the closet and put it on. It was kinda funny because I was wearing Dan's sweater and hugging Jeff's pillow. I felt bad, but I just miss dan so much. Ahh, and then we just talked about more stuff that I won't really get into right now... But it was nice... He can make me feel so wonderful sometimes... Just, sometimes he says stuff and it takes my breath away.... haha, I won't tell you what he said,though, suckers!

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