Saturday, July 10, 2004

The "Last" Survey (don't get too excited, y'all!)

last cigarette: Umm, I think I took a drag once when I was eleven, didn't inhale though... thought it was a little lame
last car ride: two hours ago, from greenville to my home(Travelers Rest)
last kiss: This morning (7/9/04) at 10 til 10... :-D
last good cry: God, I haven't had one in a while... That's a good thing y'all
last library book checked out: The Art of Palmistry
last movie seen: American Beauty, for the fifth time last night. It my favorite movie of all time...
last book read: I'm in the middle of Midnight In The Garden Of Good and Evil, and The Chamber of Curiosities or something whacked like that...
last cuss word uttered: Bitch, to my sister, in a loving sort of way
last beverage drank: Lemonade from Panera Bread
last food consumed: Cheese Bagel from Panera Bread
last phone call: Talked to Jeff this morning.
last tv show watched: Umm, yesterday I watch something. I don't remember what...
last time showered: yesterday
last shoes worn: my black beaded flipflops, favorite shoes of all time
last cd played: SuperChic[k] last night. Awesome...
last item bought: A little note book from Books-A-Million that says Domestically Disabled with a picture of a debby princess :-D
last downloaded: I downloaded the attachment to an email. It was info on the day shelter my friend Dan is starting up
last annoyance: My sister being annoying and keep listening to country when I was tired of it. Minor annoyiance
last disappointment: Leaving this morning. And I'm not talking about from my house, Anderson or Travelers Rest.
last soda drank: Diet Coke, last night
last thing written: What, before ^^Diet Coke, last night^^? And all this survey? I wrote: "Dad! Please Sign!" On the envelope from something he needs to sign
last words spoken: See ya, to tiffany who's going out with Matt tonight
last sleep: About two hours ago, on the way home(TR)...
last im: Umm, I guess a couple days ago... I don't remember who from
last time hugged: My daddy when I got home, TR, this morning.
last time scolded: A month ago I was scolded twice in the homeworks week. By Hank and by Fr. Bush
last chair sat in: What, before the computer chair? Shotgun in my sisters car.
last underwear worn: Assuming you don't mean the lavender Vanity Fair panties I have on right now, I had on some comfortable cotton stuff from somewhere cheap :-D
last shirt worn: as ooposed to the current girl star tank top, I think I had on a navy tank top last night. I slept topless (that's right)
last time dancing: Yesterday at Jeff's with tiffany :-0
last poster looked at: The one in my bedroom for the X-Files
last show attended: "Snoopy!: The Musical" starring my good friend, FriedMonkey, as Charlie Brown
last webpage visited: ... he rules
last crush: Shhh... captain feather-sword

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