Saturday, July 03, 2004

I am a spoiled brat, y'all... I brought it upon myself, but you screwy Y Chromasomes didn't help me at all didja?

"[insert male name], you would pleease [insert mediocre task or shopping request]"

"Maybe later, Mary"

Mary batts eyes


Guy relents. Goes and carries out mediocre task or purchases item.

Very simple. I realize now that this is cruel. I didn't realize before that sometimes... I have to PAY MY OWN WAY to movies or dinner! *gasp* Yes, it's true. You really shouldn't use all guys like that... Not all...


So, the other day, I asked someone to do something for me.

"Jeff, if you're going to Books-A-Million, will you get me a vanilla bean cappuccino while you're at it?"

"I'm not going to the bookstore anymore, remember? I'm getting her (his neice) a super girl shirt, not a book..."

"Oh... Well, Jeff, while you're out will you stop by Joe's and grab me a cappuccino?"

"Mmm... No..."

Let me take the time to point out that, at this moment... I was seriously confused... I totally didn't believe for the first second that he was being serious...

He laughed lightly.

"But, Jeff, you will, won't you?"


"But... why?"

"Because I don't want to... Today is my day for lolling around... When I leave here, I'm done with work..."

"But, you can come back..." makes cute faces and other stuff... "Please, Jeff??"


"But... I mean, I have money, Jeff! I
can pay for it..."


"But... I mean... you will, won't you? You're just kidding. For real, you will, right?"


"What do you want? What do you want?"

He just laughed.

"Please, Jeff?"


I tried everything! Biting my finger and rubbing my collar bone and every other over the top flirting detail I could think of. I didn't do anything with physical contact. We were at work people! But... it wasn't until he left to go buy the Super Girl shirt for his niece that I realized he wasn't going to come back with my coffee...

I know (now) that I shouldn't really force people into doing my every bidding. It makes me a bit of a princessy bitch. I just want to be a Princess and sometimes The Bitch. Not a bitch... The Bitch is invoked towards a woman who is just kick ass awesome...

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