Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Sunday night, driving home from a barbeque/pool party with my parents, housemates, sister, the Marshalls, and the Philly FVMs. Jeff calls. Pirate Boy, yes. And we chat, and he asks me out. Well, I'm in the car with dan and kelli, so I ask can I call him back in an hour.

So, I get home and I call him and we chat, and he asks if I'm busy Monday night? I am. Would I like to go out sometime?

Jeff, I'm a scorpion. Stay far away, sugar. But we chat for probably an hour or so. And then we chat again on Monday night for an hour after I get home.

I still gave him a shaky maybe on if I'd go out with him or not. I don't want it to get weird at work. I wanna just stay talking on the phone with him a lot. I enjoy talking to him. It's fun... It's okay, you know? It's okay...

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