Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Nuts To Them!

I've been putting on a bunch of stupid forwards and lyrics (good lyrics) lately. I'll really write now. Really.


I'm gonna rant.

That's what blogs are for though, right? Right.

I don't wanna boyfriend. But now that I don't, Disappearing Jake/Jake the Jerk called me. The other Tuesday at HomeWorks

"I really miss you, Mary..." Ummm...Yea...

"I bet you do, Jake. I bet you do..."
Damned if I go back to him!

"You come to me between girlfriends, don't you?"
Charlotte chimed in from the background: "Yes, he does!"
"No! No, no, no..."
"Yea, whatever..."


And then, when Michael came to pick me up after HomeWorks, when he dropped me off, he was gonna kiss me.

"Michael, you know I don't wanna boyfriend. I just don't wanna date..."
"Okay, yea. I know..."


Then there's Pirate Boy and Irish Guy. No story for ya fellas there. Sorry...


So, it's always when you change you mind that they come running back.

Nuts to them!

"There are more than many / Just as you are and were / At first, refusing to recognize / They are not nearly / Bold or brazen enough. / They lack what it takes / These strong, able-bodied / Yet weak-minded men"


Now, if I could just get them to be cool guys, who don't do drugs, who just wanna hang out and be buds. That's the life.

I'm just treatin' Pirate Boy like a girlfriend. You know? Not like a girlfriend. But, like, I can hang out with Pat IV, Stevo, all my groovy friends. But I gotta be sure and not flirt with him at all... because then it'll turn into a James Banks episode, but less annoying and a lot more likeable.

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