Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I was walking home from Patrick's last night. My phone vibrated in my hand. I looked down and I have two voicemails! Yay!

Dial... listen...

"Hey, mary... umm..." It was Patrick. "Well, I just got home... come over whenever..."

I had received it earlier but never checked it.

Next one...

"Who wants to see Spiderman 2 at midnight? All the cool people are going!... pause... soft laugh. That's all I have...

I laughed. It was Jeff! Spiderman 2 at midnight? I looked at my watch. 11. Okay. Dial.


"Midnight, eh?"


"Pick me up?"

"I can..."

"See ya in fifteen, Jeff."


So, fifteen minutes.
Black jeans. Two white tanks. No bra. Eyeliner and lipgloss. Five necklaces, two rings, and earings. Hair down. A few braids...
I looked in the mirror.

Okay. Not bad. I licked my top lip. Okay...

My phone rang.

"Be out in half a second..."


So, five dollars for the movie.

"Do you go to school?"
"I'm going,"
I agreed. "
"Does he?"
"Oh, n--" began Jeff.
"Oh, sure, why not...""
I said, though Jeff turned 31 just that day. The girl grinned and gave us our five dollar student discount tickets.

So, SpiderMan. Tobey. Kirsten. Ohh, Kirsten. Just kidding.

She's hott.

I keep acting like a lipstick lesbian around Jeff. Oh well...

I can't help it if girls are hott...


"How'd you like it?"
"I was just worried..."
"I mean, what if those were Malano Blahniks that Kirsten Dunst was wearing?"

He looked at me and laughed. Then we talked about how she makes a good vampire and an even better drowsy person. Then we talked about vampires.


The Most Important Part Of The Night

The credits.

Yes, the credits. Playing: DashBoard Confessional...

It make me go and feel and fill. You can never know.

I held two fingers to the center of my chest, right where your rib cages meets. Patrick says it's called your sternum. Well, I held two fingers there and sighed.

"Do you ever feel right here?" I asked. I pressed my fingers harder against my chest. "You know?"

He wasn't sure.

"God, that music. It makes me feel right here." I sighed.

"Have you ever felt right here. Deep in your chest?"

He had.

"God, that music sends me...


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