Thursday, June 03, 2004


Eve supressed a giggle. "Hey, Brady baby, how's life?"

"Eve? Hey, not much, not much..."

"Cool, whatcha up to lately?"

"Oh, just got home a couple hours ago, actually. Long frickin' drive, you know?"

"Home? Home as in Pennsylvania?"

"Yea, schools out, you know?"

"Oh, yea. So, that's probably a no to my question of "Wanna grab lunch tomorrow?"

Brady laughed. "Looks like it. Whats up? You in Charlotte?"

"Not really." Eve sighed. "Hey, you know... Umm..."


"Yea, well, Chris is gone..."

"No kidding, Evie?"

"Yea, I was really hoping to be able to talk with you in person. You're good for this kinda stuff..."

"I knew it! You're lookin' for a rebound, aren't'cha?"

"Well," Eve sighed, "my sole motivation was a sympathy fuck. How far are you from Philly?"


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