Friday, May 14, 2004

"Where is it hiding now?"

"Not telling until you stop using green dots!" Mary grabbed the roll of green dots and put it behind her back.

"Splots, Mary--" corrected Lou, who was on the phones. The new green dots were called splots because they were big and ugly...

"Yea, green splots," Mary grinned. "No more..."

"Okay," Jeff sighed. "I'll just have to tell this poor patient that he can't have any of his medication because Mary is a green dot--"

"Splot," said Lou.

"--green splot Nazi."

Mary giggled and tossed the roll of green splots to Jeff.

"Just keep that duck outta here!"

"Aww," he produced the object. "But, I had it specially made for you!"

She took it and waved him outta the room.

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